Hamden Boiler Repair

When you choose Climatech for your Hamden boiler repair, you can rest easy. We know this kind of equipment in and out, so you can have confidence we’ll take care of your boiler service in Hamden CT the right way. We won’t try to upsell you by making you think your boiler is about to stop working for good. If we can fix it, and we know that repair will work for the long term, we’ll say so. If we think you’ll be better off with a new boiler, we’ll tell you – and help you find the best possible replacement.


Signs You’ll Need to Contact Climatech


In most cases, you’ll know when it’s time to get in touch with us for Hamden boiler repair. Here are just a few indications you should contact Climatech so we can provide you the best boiler service in Hamden CT.

  • You notice a metallic smell – This could mean that you have some sort of gas or oil leak. Get in touch with us immediately, because the gas could be carbon monoxide. This is a potentially deadly gas to inhale. Shut off your boiler and wait until we tell you it’s safe to turn it back on.
  • You see water pooling near the unit – More than likely, this is happening because your boiler has to work much harder than normal. There’s probably a leak causing this to happen. We’ll determine the cause and provide the Hamden boiler repair you need.
  • You hear something strange coming from the boiler – A heating system will sometimes make odd noises that indicate the need for boiler service in Hamden CT. If you hear a banging, grinding or clanging sound, get in touch with us as soon as you can. It could mean you have a loose part that could eventually do major damage to your heating system.


Climatech is Ready to Take Care of Your Hamden Boiler Repair


Don’t hesitate to contact Climatech for boiler service in Hamden CT. Schedule an appointment by calling 203-269-1600 or using our online form.