Hamden Heat Pump Repair

Call Climatech first whenever you need Hamden heat pump repair service. There is no other company offering heat pump repair service in Hamden CT that has the experience or expertise that we do. Every one of our technicians is passionate about providing the absolute best customer service available. We’ll take care of your repair quickly, and you’ll never have to worry about any sort of “upsell.” You’ll know exactly what needs to be done, and exactly how much you’ll pay.

Reasons People Need Hamden Heat Pump Repair Service

As reliable as heat pumps are, there will be times that people need heat pump repair service in Hamden CT. These are just a couple of the problems we commonly encounter.

The Pump Doesn’t Turn On

Sometimes this issue will require Hamden heat pump repair service, but other times it’s actually something simple. For example, it might just be a matter of your thermostat not being programmed correctly. There could be some sort of electrical issue that’s not letting your pump communicate with the thermostat. Or it could just be a tripped breaker.

In other cases, though, you will probably need heat pump repair service in Hamden CT. A broken capacitor will need to be replaced by a professional. One sign of this issue is a hearing a clicking noise while the pump should be working. A broken valve could also be the culprit.

It Turns On, But There’s No Heat

This could mean something is blocking the flow of air into your heat pump. It could be debris, such as leaves, or ice or dirt. If you still have a problem when you clear the area, you might need to call us. You might not have enough refrigerant.

Contact Climatech

No matter what the reason may be that you need heat pump repair service in Hamden CT, get in touch with Climatech. We’ll quickly diagnose the issue and fix it as fast as we can. Call 203-269-1600 or contact us online to set an appointment.