Meriden Ductless Heat Pumps

Experience the many benefits that come with ductless mini split systems by connecting with Climatech Mechanical Services and browsing our wide selection of Meriden ductless heat pumps.

Here at Climatech, we’re the area’s trusted resource for mini-split systems. In addition to selling and installing new systems, we offer heat pump repair in Meriden CT. We can also provide your system with the maintenance that is needed to run effectively all year round.

Ductless heat pumps in Meriden CT are a great way to heat and cool and home. And, we make it easy to bring this cutting-edge solution to your home and keep it running its best with our Meriden heat pump repair service.


Meriden ductless heat pumps come with many benefits

Both the residential and commercial clients that we have worked with have found overwhelming benefits with ductless heat pumps in Meriden CT. Some of them include:

  1. Easy installation. Without any duct work needed, it’s simply a matter of installing an outdoor condenser and indoor air handlers.
  2. They can go anywhere. Meriden ductless heat pumps can be installed in any room or area of your home or building.
  3. Energy efficient. Ductless heat pumps in Meriden CT don’t lose energy by sending treated air through ductwork. These systems use less energy as they heat and cool your home directly.
  4. Run silently. You’ll barely know your system is on. If it does act up and make noises, our Meriden heat pump repair can address the problem.


Speaking of heat pump repair in Meriden CT, no one provides more reliable service than Climatech. We’re available 24/7. That means, when your heating and cooling system fails outside of regular business hours, we’ll be ready to fix it with a seasoned Meriden heat pump repair team.


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