New Haven Central Air Conditioning Repair

If you’re looking for New Haven central air conditioning repair, then connect with the reliable staff here at Climatech. We’re in the business of working with residential and commercial clients to ensure that their HVAC systems are operating effectively and efficiently.


Emergency issues can arise out of nowhere. If your system is not operating correctly — or at all — it can leave your home or building very uncomfortable. That’s why our HVAC repair service in New Haven CT exists — to serve you in these situations.


When you work with Climatech, you’ll be able to utilize a service that is:


  • Responsive: No matter what time of the day or night — week or weekend — Climatech will be there to provide you with central air conditioning repair in New Haven CT. We have a special phone line you can call to get a hold of a representative right away, who will be able to assist with your HVAC emergency.
  • Effective: We don’t just come to your home or building, check out the problem and shrug — we have highly-skilled technicians that will get to the bottom of even complex problems and provide you with long-lasting fixes. Our teams travel with everything they need to administer the repairs right then and there.
  • Affordable: Climatech provides New Haven HVAC repair service that is competitively priced and we don’t try to sneak in hidden fees after the fact. We’re focused on delivering quality service that will keep our clients coming back to us for all their heating and cooling needs.


Not only do we provide New Haven central air conditioning repair, but we specialize in maintenance work, new equipment installations, refrigeration, ventilation, energy management, control systems and more. We’re dedicated to making your home or building safe, efficient and comfortable.



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