North Haven HVAC Repair

Bring the leading North Haven HVAC repair contractors into your home or business by connecting with Climatech Mechanical Services. We’re a locally-owned owned HVAC service that works with both residential and commercial clients, providing services that range from new furnace and air conditioner installations to service for commercial refrigeration systems.

When it comes to finding the right HVAC professionals to service your home or building, it’s important to find one that is home to trusted HVAC repair contractors in North Haven CT.

You never know when your system might break down and need repairs — that’s why our North Haven HVAC repair contractors are always standing at the ready. We don’t want HVAC emergencies to disrupt life at your home or business.

When you work with our HVAC repair contractors in North Haven CT, you will be left with an HVAC system that is:

  1. Safe: Above all else, we’re focused on making sure your system is completely safe. Malfunctioning furnaces can be cause for major concern. Our North Haven HVAC repair contractors have your safety as our top priority.
  2. Efficient: Our HVAC repair contractors in North Haven CT will get your system operating at the highest possible efficiency. This means you’re using less energy, which equates to smaller energy bills each month.
  3. Reliable: No one wants to suffer the inconvenience of a breakdown in their HVAC system. Our HVAC repair contractors in North Haven CT will provide long-lasting fixes and take proactive measures to ensure your system is reliable moving forward.


At Climatech, we’re passionate about the work that we do and even more proud of the long list of satisfied residential and commercial clients we have worked with.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to start looking for the right North Haven hvac repair contractors. Connect with Climatech and let us know how we can meet your HVAC needs right now.